How to Access the Matic Blockchain, Buy Polygon (Matic not Eth) and Buy theheb NFT

It's easy, its just a new thing to learn, before you can access the MATIC Blockchain.

1. First make sure you have meta mask installed in your browser

2. To access the Matic Blockchain you will need too add these details to your metamask.

To add Matic’s Mainnet, click on the Network selection dropdown and then click on Custom RPC.

It will open up a form with 2 tabs on the top, Settings and Info.

In the Settings tab you can add Matic Mainnet in the Network Name field, URL 

in the New RPC URL field,

 137 in Chain ID field, 

MATIC in Currency Symbol field

 and in Block Explorer URL field.

3. Finally you will need to swtich to the matic network by clicking on the networs tab, then click Matic Network and you are in.

Ok, one more thing. You will need Matic (polygon) if you have bought Matic on the Eth Chain, you will need to transfer it to the matic chain

To Buy Polygon on the Matic chain (not Eth Chain) we use